Lohan Leaves Rehab Minutes After Checking In, Could Face Prison Time for Violation

Lindsay Lohan allegedly left rehab mere minutes after checking in to the facility. Now she could face arrest and jail time if she doesn't quickly check-in to another facility, especially after angering the judge by choosing to go to another, unapproved, facility so that she could continue smoking.

"She was not happy with the place," Michael Lohan told CNN.

He was the driving force behind getting Lindsay into the new facility, which apparently has been quite the ordeal since she wanted to go to a facility that would allow her to smoke. Unfortunately the Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach doesn't provide alcohol and drug rehab treatments because California officials revoked its license.

"If a 24-hour residential facility is providing treatment or service to promote the recovery of alcohol and drug abuse, then they must possess a license," Millicent Tidwell, deputy director for the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs explained to CNN.

"Lindsay had no idea that Morningside wasn't approved," Michael insisted.

"Ms. Lohan is in violation of her probation, that much is clear," prosecutor Terry White told the L.A. Times. He added that he did not know where Lohan was and that she could be arrested for violating her probation yet again.

"This is highly improper," White told Judge James Dabney when it was discovered that Lohan had not reported to the approved facility in New York but had flown to California to attend the program at Morningside, so that she could smoke.

"If we decide the program doesn't measure up to the plea agreement, she will have to move to a different program," Dabney reassured the prosecutor.

However, now that Lohan has "gone missing" and is not receiving treatment at a proper facility, she risks arrest. Dabney has already stated that if she violated her probation again, there would be no more talk of probation, implying that she would immediately go to jail to serve time.