Los Angeles Fire: Residents Flee From 10 Acre Sepulveda Pass Fire (Map)

A Los Angeles fire has spread across 10 acres by late Friday afternoon, moving at a fast pace uphill east of the Sepulveda Pass. The fast moving fire has already led staff at the Getty Center to evacuate.

The fire has come on one of the hottest days of the year in LA; temperature were reported to have hit 102 degrees, with just 9 percent relative humidity.

According to the LA Fire Department more than 100 firefighters have been deployed and are attempting to control the fire. They are trying to bring the fire to a halt as it moves up the 405 Freeway towards Moraga Drive, where homes are located on a cul-de-sac in the hills of Bel-Air, according to The LA Times. Various reports have stated that smoke from the large blaze could be seen as far away as Santa Monica.

The precise cause of the fire has not been determined at the present time, although there have been no reports of arson.

Firefighters have reported that they are confident they will be able to keep the fire from spreading to local residents in the area.

Authorities are being helped by the fact that winds in the region are mild at the present time; only 7 mph to 10 mph.

Although no official evacuation order has been issued, people in the immediate regions surrounding the fire have been seen leaving the area as a precaution. The Getty Center has been evacuated by its own accord, and students and staff of Mount St. Mary's College have also left due to safety concerns.

Authorities have asked that residents who are remaining in the area at the present time should be prepared to move quickly if an order is issued at a later time.

Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Jamie Moore has said, "We have a pretty good handle on the fire. This is not a wind-driven fire, it is topography fire."