Mac Mini Prices Drop $90 on Apple's Website

The prices for refurbished Mac Mini models have dropped up to $90 on Apple's website.

This new price drop is now available on the 2011 line of Mac Minis and was implemented this week.

Three different versions are for sale on Apple's site with different specifications.

The first version costs $469. It dropped from its original price tag of $519 and comes with the Intel Core i5 dual 2.3GHz w/ 2GB RAM.

The second model costs $549 dropping from its original $699 price tag. It comes with a Intel Core i5 dual 2.5GHz w 4GB RAM.

The third model features the highest specifications and costs $759. It used to run $849 and comes with an Intel Core i7 Quad 2GHz w/ Lion Server.

The Mac Mini computer is on its way to becoming mass produced in the U.S.

DigiTimes reports that contrary to the popular rumor stating that Apple will start to shift most of its production of the Mac Pro to the U.S., the company will do so with the Mac Mini line first.

The report states that Apple is set to move its Mac Mini production lines back to the U.S. with Foxconn Electronics to be responsible of handling establishment. Alleged sources from the upstream supply chain recently revealed this information to the publication.

Foxconn has already created 15 operating bases in the U.S. and is recruiting workers for 2013 for new automated production lines. Apple expects to sell 1.8 million Mac Mini units in 2013.

Several Apple customers who purchased the new iMac models discovered that their new desktop was actually manufactured in the U.S.

This is proof that much of this information being leaked by DigiTimes is close to being accurate. Apple plans on bringing even more Mac production to the U.S. in 2013 and will invest over $100 million to do it.