Will There Be a MacBook Air 2017 Or Will the Air Line Disappear for Good?

11-inch MacBook Air laptops already discontinued last year
AppleStill unclear if an updated MacBook Air will be released anytime soon

The MacBook Air, one of Apple's premiere product offerings, has seemingly fallen out of favor in recent years, and it's worth wondering if the days of this particular laptop line are numbered.

Even the folks over at Apple have seemingly been sending out signals that they are ready to put this lineup to bed.

Last year, when rumors were hinting that Apple may show off an updated version of the MacBook Air, what people got instead was almost the exact opposite.

While the 13-inch variants of the laptop lineup remain available to purchase, the smaller 11-inch models are no longer being sold by Apple, MacRumors reported.

It probably wasn't the MacBook Air news most people expected to hear, but it didn't come completely unexpected either.

Rumors throughout last year had already hinted at the lineup potentially being discontinued, and while Apple did ultimately stop short of doing that by keeping the 13-inch models in their inventory, it may not be long before the end comes for those laptops as well.

Still, that the MacBook Air has hung on for this long would seem to suggest that the people over at Apple continue to see value in it and that may indeed be the case.

As TechRadar pointed out, the inexpensive price tag of the aforementioned laptop means it still has a market to cater to, and unless Apple comes up with an alternative that may be more appealing to budget-conscious consumers, that may be the case moving forward.

This would suggest that the Air laptop will essentially become a niche offering from Apple, if it is to remain as one of their products.

Considering how much attention Apple has given to the MacBook Pro recently, it probably shouldn't be that surprising that the other laptop lineups may be getting left behind.

More news about the MacBook Air and what will happen to it next should be made available soon.