MacBook Air 2018 Rumors: Apple Could Release New Laptop Late 2018

Apple websiteThe MacBook Air for 2018 may see a change of processor again in order to upgrade the system.

Apple's MacBook Air has repeatedly been speculated to be halted in terms of production, yet Apple keeps bringing back their classic laptop, despite the growing success and advancement of the MacBook Pro.

While the MacBook Air has relatively stayed in a low profile, Apple's recent June 2017 release hints that the company is not yet done with the older model. While there is a yearly release, there have been few upgrades since 2015, when Apple changed the core processor of the MacBook Air to a revamped version from Intel.

On the side note, Apple's June release of the 2017 MacBook Air only tweaked the core processor by improving the clock speed of the Intel Broadwell Core. While a few tweaks might be the only change in the 2018 MacBook Air, there is a chance for a major addition as well.

Before even focusing on the specs, the first question Apple consumers should think of is when if ever will the MacBook Air 2018 be available. There is no news surrounding the seemingly forgotten laptop, and the only rumors present in the internet speculate about whether or not Apple will continue the series.

Still, should the tech giant push through, Apple may give an announcement during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where most of the newly developed products by the company are revealed.

This could mean that Apple may release the laptop at a later month this year. WWDC will be held in June, which could mean that the laptop may launch in either June itself or perhaps November. December is a long-shot, as this will not give enough time for Apple to create holiday promos with the product.

Potential buyers of the upcoming MacBook Air will either get a tweaked version or an upgraded one in all facets of the laptop.

After a few reported blunders in sales of the Apple X, the tech giant may be looking at a massive splash this year to offset the losses, and the MacBook Air's improvement of core features such as the processor, resolution, screen, and software could be a possible way to achieve that.