MacBook Pro 2012 Release Date Likely Within Weeks of Apple's WWDC Event

Apple is preparing to unveil its new MacBook Pro, and with the expected unveiling and release date potentially only being a few weeks away rumors are escalating as to the new features on Apple's best-selling notebook.

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(Photo: Apple)The Apple MacBook Pro

Rumors continue to suggest that the new MacBook Pro will be thinner than the 2011 version, so that it can be more portable and lighter. This has led some to believe the new Pro will look something similar to the current MacBook Air, however, many analysts believe Apple will make sure the designs of the two laptop ranges will remain distinct from one another. In particular, the usually reliable 9to5Mac has referred to sources who say the new MacBook Pro will simply look like a thinner 2011 MacBook Pro rather than a MacBook Air.

Other reports are suggesting that the new laptop will feature the top range Retina display as seen on Apple's New iPad released just months ago. Various types of Retina display may be given as an option also, with reports suggesting Apple fans will be able to choose from either Big, Small or Optimal.

Faster transfer speeds are an almost certainty for the new laptop, with USB 3.0 set to be supported.

However, unlike the current MacBook Pro, which has the power button situated to the top-right of the keyboard, the new MacBook Pro 2012 will have a power button similar to the current MacBook Air.

The new products allegedly could be released with Intel's Core i5 and Core i7 Ivy Bridge chipset, which are set to be available from later this month.

Apple fans are anxiously awaiting the WWDC 2012, which will begin on June 11. Analysts believe that the new MacBook Pro will definitely be unveiled at the upcoming event, and that their release, which ordinarily would come a few weeks later, will spark a surge in sales for Apple laptops.

Also it is believed Apple will announce further improvements to its iCloud at the WWDC 2012. Although the extent of the changes and improvements will not be known until the event on June 11.