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Macbook Pro 2018 Rumors: Apple's Flagship Macbook May Debut This March

Macbook Pro 2018 Rumors: Apple's Flagship Macbook May Debut This March

A guest points to a MacBook Pro during an Apple media event in Cupertino, California, U.S. | Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

The Macbook Pro 2018, Apple's most powerful laptop to date could debut this coming March bringing a whole new world of innovation straight from Cupertino. That being said, it definitely has a lot to live up to given the company's reputation as well as expectations by fans.

Considering the rumors that the next generation of Macs will feature even more custom processors than their predecessors alongside the recent improvements to the MacOS, the Apple flagship laptop could certainly meet professional demands and expectations.

Add to that the length of time Apple had to improve this particular product line, and the prospect of the end-product impressing fans becomes a near absolute possibility. So what can fans expect from the platform this time?

To start with, there's not much information regarding the Macbook Pro 2018 at the moment, particularly its hardware. Still, fans can probably expect Apple to double down on its co-processor strategy this year.

Fans can also expect a longer battery life, something that the 2016 iteration wasn't able to offer. This power boost can also be expected to spread across all models thanks to the arrival of Intel processors with AMD graphics onboard.

The new model will most likely include more ports after the less-than-warm reaction to the decision to move to solely Thunderbolt 3 ports. Fans can probably expect a new version of Apple's MagSafe power adaptor to be added being one of the features that received an overwhelmingly positive reception from fans.

The Macbook Pro 2018 could also be the first Mac to run iOS apps. This has rumored for so long and has been one of the most requested features from fans. However, it should be noted that this requires the implementation of a touchscreen interface, something that Apple has not been to keen on doing.

While the March release date seems plausible, a much safer bet would be a launch during June's Worldwide Developer Conference. If all else fails, an October release date also seems promising given that the latest iteration was revealed during a press event on that same month.


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