Mad Men March Debut for Season 5

AMC’s hit series Mad Men will make its season five debut on March 25th, according to an announcement made by the network recently.

Mad Men has been off the air since season four ended back in 2010. This new season will begin with a two hour premiere starting at 9 p.m. On April 1st the show will return to its regular time slot at 10 p.m. with an episode directed by the series star Jon Hamm, who plays the mysterious Don Draper.

January Jones, the shows lead actress who portrays Betty Draper, Don’s now ex-wife recently commented on the status of her character and if she would become more likeable in the new season to E! news.

“I find it really interesting that people think that like in seasons three and four, she’s become unlikable because she’s become more independent,” said Jones. “Everybody liked Betty when she was like in a living hell in season one and two and now they hate her.”

To Jones her character has been struggling to find herself since the show’s inception. “I think as an audience member you can empathize with her struggling to find happiness,” she added. “I think it’s an ongoing process.”

She also described how that character affects her in real life. “I think it’s funny that it carries over into my life, my actual life, when Matt Weiner [writer] writes a storyline that Betty’s unlikable, all of a sudden everybody hates me,” said Jones. “I hope she gets a little more well received.”

Other hit series on AMC will return in the beginning of this year as well including The Walking Dead that premieres on Feb. 12 and The Killing on April 1st. The network will also debut a new reality show called Comic Book Men that is centered around director Kevin Smith’s comic book store in New Jersey. That show will begin on Feb. 12.