Madonna's Daughter: Dad Puts 'Fear' Into Lourdes Leon, Crashes Date With 'Homeland' Actor

Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Leon, is allegedly dating Homeland actor Timothee Chalamet, but it appears her father does not approve.

Madonna's eldest, 16, and Chalamet were spotted over the weekend in New York City having a dinner date. The young couple was not alone, however, and was joined by Lourdes' father, Carlos Leon. The father brought along his current love interest, making it a double date.

But accompanying Lourdes on dates is just one of many ways that Leon has become "overprotective," according to Radar Onine. Lourdes is allegedly fed up with her father's overbearing ways.

"You would think Madonna was the stricter parent, but she's actually loosened the reigns because she trusts Lourdes so much," a source close to Leon, told Radar Online. "On the other hand, Carlos is the watchful dad who's laid down some very stern ground rules for his precious daughter."

Fearing that "boys will be boys," Leon has turned to more old-fashioned parenting techniques.

"Carlos trust Lourdes and he likes Timothee, but he also knows how young boys can get carried away," the source told the online publication. "He's old school and he thinks putting a little fear into the boy dating your daughter is a good thing."

Meanwhile Madonna, who was previously regarded as the "mean parent," is laughing the whole thing off.

"Madonna just thinks it's hilarious," the source said. "Now she secretly gets a kick out of it when Lourdes complains to her about the curfew her dad's imposed and all the embarrassing questions he asks her and Timothee."

Madonna has relaxed her rules on Lourdes because she feels the teen has matured and has confidence in her decisions.

"Madonna was the villain because she was very firm when it came to school studies and manners early on, but that's changed as Lourdes has matured," the source added.