Man Drives Onto Neighbor's Roof With Wife, Both Live (VIDEO)

A California couple and their neighbor are safe after a man accidentally drove a car up his neighbor's roof.

Robert Wynn, 60, will undergo a driver's reevaluation test after driving his black Cadillac up a neighbor's roof on Saturday evening. The man, who had gone out for a night with his wife, was returning to the couple's Glendale home when he lost control of the vehicle.

His wife, who was in the car at the time of the incident, claimed that some part of the car had malfunctioned over a steep part of the driveway.

"As soon as we hit the corner, the airbags deployed and I didn't even see where we were going from there because the view was obscured," Galina Wynn told KABC.

The car pummeled through a neighbor's yard and clipped a separate house before going airborne and landing of the roof of an 80-year-old neighbor, according to CNN. The neighbor, who was home at the time, did not suffer from injury and was in a different part of the house when the incident occurred. The car landed in a slanted position with its nose pointed towards the sky.

Both the husband and his wife were uninjured. The car managed to rest on the roof of the home without falling through. The Glendale area is composed of many hillsides and such collisions are not really unusual, one officer said.

"You know I've seen other similar collisions. We have a lot of hillsides here in Glendale. But this was very unique that it landed the way it did and didn't go through the roof of the home and cause some injuries," Glendale police Lt. Scott Bickle told CNN affiliate KTLA.

But according to neighbors, Saturday was not the first time that the man had crashed into a neighbor's home.

Here is a video of the man's car on his neighbor's roof: