Man Robs Bank, Leaves Cash in Bizarre Incident

A bank robber had a change of heart during his robbery as he left the bank without taking a single dollar.

Chicago police are currently searching for a robber who walked into a bank downtown yesterday, threatened the bank employees that he had a bomb and then suddenly left the bank without taking the cash he had come for, according to local police.

The halfway robbery occurred around 9:45 a.m. Monday morning at the Citibank branch located at 539 N. Michigan Ave., police said. The unidentified man can be seen on the bank's security camera footage causally walking into the bank and up to the teller.

That is when police say that the would-be robber told the teller he had a bomb in the bag he was holding and demanded the teller put all her cash into it, police explained.

Then all of a sudden the man can be seen leaving the bank as if nothing had occurred. The man for no clear reason left the bag behind, containing the money, on the tellers counter and simply proceeded to the door and walked out, police said.

Investigators from the police department's Bomb and Arson Unit were called to check the bag and secure the location. The ordeal caused a small area downtown to be sealed off, creating gridlock throughout the city for several hours.

FBI officials were on the scene investigating and speaking with witnesses, according to FBI Spokeswoman Joan Hyde. FBI officials explained that there had never been any bomb and no one was hurt during the ordeal. He merely showed the teller a fake bomb in the bag, officials said.

The man is described as an African American male around 6 feet 2 inches tall. He was last seen was wearing a baseball cap and wore one blue latex glove.