Maria Menounos and Sexual Abuse Claim, Says Doctors Molested Her (VIDEO)

During a recent interview on the Howard Stern show, Maria Menounos revealed that she has a fear of doctors after claiming that she had been inappropriately touched by more than one.

The actress, who was also a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars," did an interview Monday on the "Howard Stern Show." During the interview, while discussing different topics, the actress mentioned that she had a "fear" of doctors. Her reasoning? Menounos claimed that she had been molested during medical examinations, according to The Stir.

Menounos recalled one incident in which she went in for a problem with her throat. She claimed that she was asked to disrobe. The doctor proceeded by feeling her throat and then continuing on to touch her private areas.

"I was really young, so I was so uncomfortable ... [My boyfriend] Kevin was in the waiting room and I literally started screaming ... I was just so uncomfortable I didn't know what to do," Menounos recounted on the show, according to The Stir.

The actress also recounted additional incidents in which doctors would touch her navel piercing and compliment it. The actress has never pressed charges, though.

Some users questioned the authenticity of the actress' remarks.

"I don't believe her. She is just looking to put out the 'so hot...' message to the public. Why would anyone just submit to the doctor doing those things and not make any sort of complaint?" Kathy commented on The Stir blog.

"I take anything said on the Howard Stern Show with a grain of salt," TinyPossum added.

Some also questioned why Menounos would continue to go to male doctors, or stated that they had never heard of a doctor's exam being conducted without a nurse present.

"I've never had an exam from a male doctor who didn't have a nurse in the room during exams," Joyce Clark Ogonowski stated. "Even my dermatologist has a nurse present and I'm fully dressed. Who are these doctors?"