Maria Menounos Honors Super Bowl Bet (VIDEO)

Maria Menounos was good on her word Monday when she wore a New York Giant's inspired bikini in the middle of Times Square after she lost a bet based on who would win the Super Bowl.

The 33-year-old "Extra" host lost the bet against her colleague A.J. Calloway Sunday after her favorite team the New England Patriots were unable to come away with the victory and the Super Bowl championship.

According to the terms of the bet, if Menounos lost she had to host the show in Giant's colors. She donned a red, white and blue bikini and also a pair of warm, furry black Uggs.

If the Patriots had won then co-host Calloway during the show would have had to wear a Patriots cheerleader outfit.

There was a fun atmosphere during the show but as the time drew near Menounos expressed her embarrassment when she jokingly said: "I hate bets. I'm never doing this again."

She tweeted a photograph of herself earlier on Monday wearing her robe with the caption: "Ready to face the music."

As she was leaving Indianapolis to head to New York she was more optimistic as she wrote: "Flying to ny is gonna stink. At least it's not bitter cold there. Should be 50 degrees I hear."

But Menounos was a good sport during the whole thing. She did not even blame her team for losing, or get upset that she had to wear a Giant's bikini in the heart of Manhattan.

"Sorry, but you know what -- I love the Pats for fighting to the bitter end. #PATRIOTpride," she wrote on Twitter.

Her 38-year-old co-host Mario Lopez was also impressed that she still kept the bet that she had made.

He wrote on his Twitter page earlier that day: "My girl @mariamenounos lost a Super Bowl bet & had to wear a NY Giants bikini!Big props..Look great."

YoutubeMaria Menounos - Giants Bikini - Extra - 2/6/2012 - HD