Mariah Carey Dress 'Pops' on GMA (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey became the latest victim of a wardrobe malfunction on Friday morning, but this time the embarrassing mishap was on live TV.

Like many celebrities before her, Carey was in a quandary when her dress "popped" during a televised performance in New York City's Central Park.

The singer was promoting her new fragrance as well as the new hit single "Beautiful" with an appearance on "Good Morning America" when her sparkling sequined dress burst at the seams.

"Oh shoot, now the back of my dress just popped," Carey revealed, rolling her eyes during the segment. Watch the clip on YouTube " target="_blank">here.

"I love you Donnatella, but it POPPED darling," she added, referring to the designer of the gown, Donnatella Versace.

The singer then turned around on stage for the audience to see the malfunction.

"I'll just hold them up the whole time," Carey added while the crowed roared.

"GMA" host Lara Spencer held her notecards in front of the singer, blocking any indecent exposure from the camera's view.

"This seems like a YouTube moment," Carey knowingly noted.

Meanwhile, last week, Eva Longoria made headlines after trying to save her gown from rain puddles at the Cannes Film Festival.

However, in doing so, Longoria exposed the lower half of her body.

The bedazzled Versace Atelier gown featured cutout shoulders, an open back, and a very high split. As Longoria made her way to the theater, photographers snapped photos as she maneuvered through the rain, capturing the embarrassing moment.

Fortunately, the 38-year-old has a sense of humor, and posted a funny message to her Twitter followers the next day.

"Here's my dress for tonight," Longoria wrote, along with a snapshot of herself in a black gown. "No wardrobe malfunctions tonight!"