Thursday, May 10, 2012
Mariano Rivera on Blood Clot Discovery: 'Maybe the Lord Is Telling Me It's Time to Go'

Mariano Rivera on Blood Clot Discovery: 'Maybe the Lord Is Telling Me It's Time to Go'

Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees 12-time All-Star closer, was vocal about his faith in the Lord after he tore his ACL last week and recently said he was blessed because doctor's discovered that he was suffering from an additional injury, a blood clot in his calf.

Rivera, 42, admitted that he was initially scared after hearing the diagnoses that there was a blood clot sitting on top of his torn ACL.

"I was scared," Rivera said in a New York Daily News report. "I never heard anything good about blood clots."

However, the Panamanian closer said he did not know if the clot would have been discovered if he had not injured his knee while shagging a ball in the outfield last week.

"Maybe this is a blessing," Rivera said. "I always say things happen for a good reason."

After Rivera's footing caused him to fall and hit a wall in the Kansas City, Mo., arena while attempting to catch fly balls in the outfield on May 3, some speculated about his injury possibly ending his career.

Still, Rivera told reporters that he would keep his faith in the Lord after he was first injured.

"No, I never will second guess that or question the Lord," Rivera said while blinking back tears. "It happened for a reason and you just have to deal with it."

Rivera is considered one of the best closers in baseball and leads the MLB in saves. However, he said he does not know when, or if, he will ever pitch again after his recent injury.

The Panamanian pitcher said the Lord may be telling him that it is time to walk away from the MLB.

"Maybe the Good Lord is telling me it's time to go," Rivera said in the Daily News report. "It will be the Lord who will guide me."


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