Mark Sanchez Satanic Rumors Run Rampant After NFL Week 6

Although New York Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez began week seven in the NFL with a much-needed 35-9 win over the Indianapolis Colts, he could not escape week six without some odd comparisons to Satan.

Sanchez's week six in the NFL began when he started on the 666th Monday Night Football game in the league's history. Although his team lost to the Houston Texans, 23-17, various people took notice of the QB's statistics for passing touchdown rates after the game which happened to be his team's sixth one.

However, Sanchez's statistics containing the number six did not end there. His longest passing play of the year happens to be 66 yards with six interceptions. While reported that the QB has 6.6 yards per passing attempts, another interesting statistic surrounding the QB is his passer rating which happens to be 66.6.

Various NFL fans took to Twitter to comment about Sanchez's statistics and the likelihood that demonic activity was taking place because of the use of the number six, which also happens to be the number of his jersey and the number he was in the 2009 NFL draft.

One fan thought the statistics were enough reason to name backup QB and evangelical Christian special teams player Tim Tebow a starter on the team.

"More proof that Mark Sanchez is evil #NYJets #PlayTebow," the person tweeted.

Another individual took the opportunity to mock the Bible after reading Sanchez's stat line.

"Isn't this obvious? God loves Tebow," the person mocked. "And Mark Sanchez worships Satan. It's in the Bible."

However, others seemed to make Sanchez's ironic stat line a personal competition between the QB and Christian backup Tebow.

"Tebow has to triumph over Satan," one person wrote.

However, Tebow has said working with Sanchez is a blessing.

"We talked, had a chance to catch up a little bit and had a great conversation," Tebow said in a press conference when he signed on with the Jets in March. "We've been blessed to get to know each other over the last few years. I definitely have a lot of respect for him."