Maroon 5 SNL Performance With Jeremy Renner Guest Host (WATCH)

Jeremy Renner was congratulated for his first "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, which featured a live show from Maroon 5.

It was a "memorable Thanksgiving show" according to the SNL Backstage Blog, which could be good news for Renner after some reports suggested that his hosting debut would be a disaster. Renner's critics suggested that Renner was "too serious" to pull off the levity on SNL.

The show was highlighted by a performance from Maroon Five, who sang two songs including their top hit "One More Night." So far the song has tied with Carly Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" for landing the top spot on the Hot 100 list consecutive weeks in a roll.

Renner began the show with a melodic monologue during which he plays the piano and sings a "Bourne Legacy" spoof which was song to the tune of "Need Somebody" by the Kings of Leon.

"I've been running around / Trying to take down the CIA / They wont leave me alone/ I'm not from Treadstone / Need to get away / I'm gonna shoot somebody."

Renner also appeared in a second skit for Marvel's "Great Avengers." Renner was cast as Hawkeye for the film, but questioned that actual usefulness of his character given reloading issues.

"I'm out of arrows. I don't have any more. So I guess I'm done, right?," he joked. "I'll lbe in the car."

Renner's hosting debut was also broken up by two comedy skits surrounding the Petraeus scandal. In one skit, a fake Paula Broadwell performs a book reading. The second skit poked fun at Jill Kelley. Governor Chris Christie made an appearance to do the weekend update report, which included the unfortunate news about Twinkies, which may now become extinct following the announcement that the Hostess Company would be shutting down.