Mary Mary's Erica Campbell Says Producers Don't Want 'Perfect' People On Reality TV

Erica Campbell, one half of the Grammy Award-winning gospel music duo Mary Mary, recently revealed why shows like hers may show viewers high intensity drama.

In the preview of the upcoming third season of her show, "Mary Mary" Erica and her sister seem to promise more drama than the previous seasons. Fans will witness marital woes, vocal issues and issues with management.

However, Erica insists that although the Christian duo may be Christ-centered, people are not interested in being entertained by people who do not deal with real life issues.

"I'll say this. As an executive producer, I don't want to watch you be perfect," Erica said while appearing on V-103's "Ryan Cameron Morning Show" recently. "I don't want to watch a show where you come on [and say] 'I am so happy I'm waking up this morning.'"

One of the more unhappy moments that fans will witness in the third season of "Mary Mary" is Erica's sister Tina publicly address infidelities within her marriage. Campbell, 39, is married to gospel drummer Teddy Campbell, 38, who has also worked as the percussionist for "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno.

The singer first opened up about her husband's previous infidelities in the June issue of Ebony magazine and let fans, friends and family know how she was working to resolve the issue on

However, in the upcoming third season of her WE TV reality television show, Tina reveals the hurt and pain that she felt after learning about his infidelities.

"I gotta stand in front of these people and be inspirational," Tina says in between tears in a preview of the show. "I am so broken."

WE TV has yet to release an air date for the third season of the series, which will also showcase Erica's issues with her voice and solo career along with the group's issues with their former manager, Mitchell Solarek.