Mary Poppins, Voldemort to Battle at Olympics (VIDEO)

It's bound to be a battle for the ages, one that already has people talking and placing bets on who will win. Mary Poppins is set to square off against Lord Voldemort at the Olympics' grand opening on Friday night.

 Olympics organizers are planning the main event in order to bring more attention to and highlight the influence of British characters on culture around the world, according to reports.  How will this epic battle come to be?  It's a rather complicated feat of coordination and effort on the actors' parts.

Gawker describes the scenario as taking place in a giant bed, with children being wheeled onstage in their own beds before performing a "choreographed bed dance."  After they complete their own routine, even more beds will be brought onstage and feature various characters including Disney villain Cruella de Vil.

Finally, a 40-foot Lord Voldemort will appear to rise from the center of the action, which will be timed to "coincide with dozens of Dementors— creatures that feed off human happiness— streaming into the arena from all directions and scaring the children," The Times of London has reported.

Who will save the day?  None other than Mary Poppins, who will fly in from with her beloved umbrella.  She will vanquish the Dark Lord with discipline and "a spoonful of sugar" before the Olympics kick off.

It will surely be something people are left talking about for a time afterward, though some wonder at the seemingly arbitrary nature of selecting Mary Poppins to defeat the Dark Lord.  The clash is meant to bring attention to London after the memorable performances during the Beijing opening ceremony.

Hopefully, though, this battle will simply play out without all the controversy.  Remember the little girl who sang at the opening in Beijing?  She turned out to be a replacement for the actual singer whom the country deemed not "cute enough" to perform.  

London has the opportunity to amaze the world, not just with its Olympic teams, but with this epic battle between good and evil.

Watch Lord Voldemort do battle with Harry Potter here: