Matt Lauer, 'Jeopardy' Host? Alex Trebek to Retire Soon

Is Matt Lauer standing by to be the next host of "Jeopardy"? After ratings have dropped for the "Today" show, Lauer's future as host of the show is in question and the popular quiz show could be a better fit for Lauer's personality.

Lauer is supposed to end his tenure at "Today" in 2015 when his contract is up. Sources have said that he is not likely to re-sign his contract, nor is NBC expected to offer more than they already are, which is $25 million per year. At the same time, Alex Trebek is due to retire from hosting "Jeopardy" in 2016, a source told The New York Post.

"Yes, I have been thinking of retiring," Trebek told Chris Wallace during an interview last year. "But I'm torn because I enjoy doing the show so much. A lot of people have been telling me, 'Alex you've got to go for at least 30. You've just done 28. Now at least do two more.' So that has a nice ring to it. Put in your 30 and go help people."

Trebek started hosting "Jeopardy" in 1984. He will have his 30 years in next year, giving him the time he so desires and a chance to move on from the show his name is synonymous with. Lauer, on the other hand, would be eligible to run the game show, even if he was to continue with "Today."

A source also told The Post that Sony is considering Anderson Cooper for the job of "Jeopardy" host as well. Anderson's popularity has soared in recent years, and he made the short-lived change from CNN anchor to daytime talk-show host. Cooper has remained a strong media icon and could be a good fit for the intensely popular "Jeopardy."