Max the Roomba Cat: Video of 'Shark Cat' Chasing Duck Gets 3M YouTube Views; Making Shark Week Appearance (VIDEO)

Max the Roomba Cat is making another appearance for Shark Week this year after featuring in a viral video last year.

(Photo: YouTube Screen shot)Max the Roomba cat

House cat, Max Arthur of Houston, Texas, became famous last year when he appeared chasing a duckling while dressed up like a shark. It has now been reported that the cat will once again be donning his famous shark costume and climbing up aboard his Roomba to the delight of his fans.

Max the Roomba cat is a 10-year-old Snowshoe Siamese mix, who entered the limelight last year with his special shark costume that went viral on YouTube.

According to reports, Max likes to ride his robot vacuum around the kitchen, as well as dressing up like a shark.

The cat's owner, Helen, famously dressed Max up in a shark costume last year, and made a video of him chasing a duck in November.

Max also has an unexpected companion and sidekick - a pit bull terrier nicknamed "Sharky."

The two became friends last year, creating a cute Halloween video, quickly marking them as sidekicks.

The video of Max dressed up in his shark costume chasing a duck has nearly 3 million views on YouTube, and has become a viral sensation on the Internt.

Max the Zoomba Cat has generated such a following that he now also boasts his own Facebook page.

Here is a video of Max the Zoomba Cat: