McDonald's Cat Diet Leads to Stray's Rescue by SPCA

Frankie the cat managed to survive on the streets of New Zealand thanks to a fast-food diet courtesy of McDonald's customers. He has since been rescued and put on a diet to restore him back to health after eating fast food for a year.

Frankie was quite good at hanging around a local McDonald's and begging for food, reported SPCA field officer Jessica Watson, who took in the stray. He would stay around the drive-through window so people would toss him a cheeseburger, chicken nugget, or anything else they had ordered.

"You would go through the drive-through and ask for a burger for you and an extra patty for Frankie. He would watch you and trot after the car, wait until you stopped the car and then you would toss him the meat. It was his little routine," Watson told TVNZ.

Unfortunately, that diet caused his health to deteriorate. His coat was matted, his face swollen, and his eyelids weren't closing properly. Watson decided to bring Frankie home with her in order to get him back on track but struggled to get him to adapt to a new diet.

"I would put pet food down and he would give me a look like, 'What is that?'' Watson joked. But soon Frankie was chowing down on the healthier fare and drinking water instead of soda. His coat has been restored to its natural shine and Frankie is much more active now.

Watson is now busy looking for a good home for Frankie, which should be no problem given the amount of free publicity Frankie's story has brought. According to TVNZ, the SPCA has had an overwhelming response to Frankie's story and now asks that anyone wanting to adopt the animal fill out an "expression of interest" form in person at the SPCA offices.

The Waikato SPCA has posted a photo of Frankie on its Facebook page, which has already garnered 110 "likes," proving a great interest in the cat.