Melissa Gilbert Has 'Gentle Rehearsal' for 'DWTS' After Whiplash, Concussion

Melissa Gilbert's gentle rehearsal after her injury Monday was the first instance of the "Little House on the Prairie" star returning to the show.

Melissa Gilbert tweeted that she would "[attempt] a gentle rehearsal in a bit" following the elimination of fellow dancer Sherri Shepherd on Tuesday. Gilbert danced with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who she was "very happy" to be with despite her hospitalization.

The 47-year-old may be feeling much better, because she was able to joke about the crippling injury she received during Monday's paso doble. Chmerkovskiy, too, seems to be making a comeback, as he injured his elbow and pulled his groin during the dance.

"Nobody puts Halfpint in the corner!" she joked, referring to her character from the "Little House" show.

Rehearsal seemingly took a lot out of the actress, though, as she posted that her "head hurt even more" after hearing news of Shepherd's elimination.

"Now back home to bed," tweeted Gilbert. Chmerkovskiy said she "still had a big headache," which could hinder their dance next week.

Melissa Gilbert's injury resulted in whiplash and a concussion; singer Gavin DeGraw "carried her down to the red room" because she was "too weak to walk," dancer Karina Smirnoff told Us Weekly.

Despite the fall by both Gilbert and her partner, a slippery floor was deemed to be the culprit by judges, who still gave the dancing pair a generous 22 out of 30.

The thousands of viewers watching "DWTS" Monday night were remained unaware of Gilbert's serious condition until host Tom Bergeron informed them at the end of the program. At the close, when all the contestants would normally be present, Gilbert was absent.

"[Gilbert] injured herself and as a precaution she's gone to the hospital to get checked out," said the host.

Although Gilbert's injury is unfortunate, it is certainly not the only one. Actress and television personality Maria Menounos broke two ribs and developed stress fractures in her feet from the training and practices.