Melissa Gorga Slams Teresa Giudice for 'Confiding' in Daughter? 'She's A Child, Not A Friend'

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @flygirljennifer"Real Housewives of New Jersey" pose for a group shot at a charity event

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Melissa Gorga recently accused Teresa Giudice of confiding in her children over their ongoing feud.

Fans of the hit reality TV show saw the sisters-in-law attempt to put aside their drama for the sake of their kids during the season six premiere episode on Sunday. At one point Giudice, 40, was seen discussing Gorga, 35, with her 11-year-old daughter, Gia, which did not sit well with the mother-of-three.

"As far as parenting goes ... I try my hardest not to involve my kids in very mature matters. That's not my style. My kids don't have the slightest idea what's going on with the Giudices," Gorga wrote in her Bravo TV blog.

"They're too young to understand the complicated, ugly situation. I'd certainly never confide in my seven-year-old and ask her for personal advice, as if she were my best friend! She's a child, not a friend," she added.

Gorga, who refused to allow her daughter Antonia to visit Giudice's home, explained that her decision was in part due to Giudice and her husband Joe allegedly "spreading terrible lies" about her and name calling in the presence of their children. She cited "stripper" and "gold digger" as examples of the alleged name calling.

"I don't want Antonia exposed to lies and insults about her Mom by her other relatives. And I knew she would be," Gorga wrote.

"In this one episode alone, Joe called me 'Horsey Face' and a 's--- a-- b------.' I don't know which is worse. But I know it's just wrong and Teresa didn't correct him. He even spoke to his six-year-old daughter directly when calling me a name, it's not like she just overhead them," she continued.

Giudice, who had not spoken to Gorga in one year following their season five blowout, maintains that her children have respect for the aspiring singer.

"You can see how I raise my kids to respect and love their family no matter what. Even after all the hurt, I still had Melissa listed as 'Zia Melissa' in my phone," Giudice wrote. "Adults might not always get along, but the kids shouldn't suffer because of it."