Melissa Jenkins: Couple Wanted to 'Get a Girl,' Charged With Murder

Authorities are releasing new details in the murder of single mom Melissa Jenkins who was found dead yesterday. She had been reported missing on Sunday, and the community has been horrified as new information comes forth.

Allen and Patricia Prue, a couple who had met Jenkins earlier when they plowed her driveway, lured Jenkins to her death by pretending their car had broken down. Jenkins went to help, taking her 2-year-old son Ty with her in the family's SUV.

She was reportedly attacked after leaving the vehicle to help and was strangled by Allen.

Jenkins was then placed into the Prues' vehicle, leaving Ty in the backseat of her own SUV, unharmed. Patricia Prue has admitted choking Jenkins "to ensure she wasn't breathing."

The Burlington Free Press noted that 2-year-old Tie witnessed the beginning of the attack and later told police that his mommy had cried and was grabbed by the back of her neck.

The Prues were not finished, though, and took Jenkins' body to their home, undressing her and dousing her with bleach to remove any evidence. Finally, they took her body to the Pine Grove Park, placed it in a shallow, watery grave and weighed it down with cinder blocks. The Prues covered everything with branches and set fire to her clothing as well as their own.

Police have stated that Allen confessed to convincing his wife to go "get a girl," which they say was "sexually motivated." Allen and Patricia face a prison sentence of 20 years to life for murder and improper disposal of a body.

It turns out that Eric Berry was right in his hypothesis about Jenkins' disappearance.

"She left her house with the idea, I think, to try and help somebody," he told the Associated Press after she was reported missing.