Merle Haggard Hospitalized with Pneumonia but Testifies God's Power

Country legend Merle Haggard has been hospitalized with pneumonia according to his promoter. Haggard has suffered from lung cancer since 2008 and was previously hospitalized in August 2011.

He entered the music scene in 1962, playing bass for a local performer; five years later he would have his first number one hit with “The Fugitive.” Other well-known songs include “Working Man Blues” and “Okie From Muskogee.”

Haggard has also covered and written many Christian songs and opened up about his relationship with God. “So there is NO misunderstanding, let me testify, the power of the healing our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon me. In ’08 I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Most everyone knows that’s a death sentence! Not in my case!”

He continues on his website, “It’s almost embarrassing to know that the Lord cares that much for me. But, I am gonna (sic) shout it to the entire world. He healed me either at my request or someone else’s. There were a lot of prayers involved. But never for a moment do I give credit or claim any myself. The Man upstairs is still in charge.”

Haggard will turn 75 in April and says he is “a walking miracle…I might add a Healthy miracle. I give all the thanks to my Heavenly Father.”