Meteor Shower Tonight: Live Stream of October 2012 Orionid Meteor Shower - Where to Watch Online Free

The Orionid Meteor Shower's October 2012 display will put on a spectacular sight for sky-gazers on Saturday night, as the meteor shower continues to delight watchers over the weekend. The meteor shower can be watched online through live stream for free via the link provided at the bottom of this article.

(Photo: NASA/File)Halley's Comet.

Usually the Orionid meteor shower peaks on Oct. 22 but as 2012 is a leap year it falls slightly earlier this year.

The meteor shower is actually visible over a longer period but as the shower is more visible when the night sky is darker there is a certain period in which it is better to view.

So this year, as the darkest night in October is during the New Moon, which is on Oct. 15, and the brightest night is during the Full Moon of Oct. 29. So the best period to see the shower would be from Oct. 15 to Oct. 21. Astrologers has also advised that the best time to view the Orionid Meteor Shower would be about two hours prior to dawn.

The Orionid Meteor Shower is one of the most eagerly anticipated for sky-gazers each year. During the peak of the shower there can be about 15 very bright and very fast shooting meteors per hour.

This shower is also one of the most widely watched as it can be seen across the globe - there is simply no best place watch the meteor shower each year.

Watchers are advised to try and get to a location that is as dark as possible at the right time, and hopefully that will allow a good show. Cloud cover is obviously the only other factor that can play into where is best to watch.

The Orionid Meteor Shower is named after the constellation Orion, and has been named that was as the meteors appear to come from just north of Orion's bright star named "Betelgeuse."

The meteors are in fact debris left over by the famous "Halley's Comet, which is extensive and is spread over a range as wide as the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

The Orionid Meteor Shower 2012 can be watched online through free live stream below. If the video does not show successfully here please find the live stream by clicking here.