Miami Dolphins Win First Game of Season, Despite Marshall-Davis Feud

The Miami Dolphins took their first win of the 2011 NFL season on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, despite the fact that the Phins’ WR Brandon Marshall and CB Vontae Davis had recently been in an altercation.

The Dolphins managed to upset the Chiefs 31-3 during an early Sunday game. However, Davis was unable to travel with his team to aid them in their first victory of the season.

A source told that the Miami cornerback was forced to stay behind due to his "inability to act like a professional."

The network reported that Davis’ absence from Sunday’s game stems from an altercation that ensued after he arrived to practice late last week.

The reasoning for Davis’ tardiness to practice reportedly had to do with a late night of partying. Marshall was not happy with his teammate’s social life taking precedence over their practice, and allegedly confronted Davis.

A verbal disagreement then began, followed by Marshall throwing a football at Davis’ face, the source told The latter attempted to get violent with the WR, saying that he “crossed the line.”

While Marshall appeared on the field on Sunday, sources close to the team told that the altercation had nothing to do with Davis’ absence.

“Vontae knows exactly why (he was left behind)," one source told the network.

Another source said, “The altercation is 100 percent not the reason."

Despite the controversy, Brandon Marshall was able to catch one of three touchdown passes from team quarterback, Matt Moore. The WR finished the game with finished with eight catches for 106 yards.

Tight end Anthony Fasano also contributed to two touchdowns, while running back Reggie Bush scored one as well. Dolphins’ fans took to Twitter to celebrate their team’s first victory this season.

“Dolphins 2011 shutout is officially over," one person tweeted.

Another thanked God for the win by writing, "Dolphins finally won a game! Thank God!"