Michael Buble Subway Surprise: Performs for New York Commuters (VIDEO)

Michael Buble offered a welcome surprise to commuters in New Yorkers on Thursday morning, deciding to break out with an acapella number between stops.

The Canadian singer was travelling on a New York City subway Thursday and exiting at the 66th St Lincoln Center station when he decided to join a local acapella group on the platform. The group, who goes by the name Naturally 7, surrounded Buble and provided back-up music while the singer offered his Jackson 5 rendition of "Who's Lovin You."

A crowd of women also surrounded the star, who was dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and black skinny tie, clearly smitten with their morning treat. Some of the people in the crowd were able to snap photos and capture video of the event.

While fans were grateful to Buble for offering an impromptu show, it was Buble who said that he was the grateful one. He suggested that singing on the subway was an "organic" way to make music.

"Singing in a New York subway is something that has been done for years and years and years, and I feel like it's the most authentic, organic way to make music," Buble said after his impromptu song, according to Daily Mail. "You see some of the greatest musicians in the world come down here and play."

Buble has spent the past week in New York City for a media blitz tour in promotion of his most recent album, To Be Loved. The album was released earlier this week and has already been deemed a success by some.

"Pop singer Michael Buble is heading for his fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart," Billboard.com said in a report. "Industry forecasters suggest his just-released album, 'To Be Loved,' is on course to sell around 165,000-185,000 copies by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, April 28."