Michelle Obama Shares Valentine's Day Message for President Obama

Michelle Obama is sharing a special message for her husband on Twitter.

(Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama bow their heads in prayer while attending the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington February 6, 2014.

"Hey Barack, I'll always be your valentine! #HappyValentinesDay –mo," she tweeted on Valentine's Day.

The Obamas have never shied away from sharing the love that has kept their marriage strong for almost 22 years. In the "Nightline" interview that aired two years ago, interviewer Barbara Walters questioned the First Family about how the pair keep the fire in their marriage alive.

"We've been married now 20 years, and like every marriage I think you have your ups and you have your downs," the president told Walters, while sitting closely to his wife. "But if you work through the tough times, the respect and the love that you feel deepens."

Mrs. Obama agreed with her husband adding, "And then there's a lot of laughter you know."

Last year Michelle Obama graced the cover of Vogue and the 50-year-old decided to open up about her marriage. When speaking about her husband, she said one of the greatest lessons that she has learned from him is his calm demeanor.

"Well, patience and calm I'm borrowing. Or trying to mirror. I've learned that from my husband, that sort of, you know, ability to not get too high or too low with changes and bumps in the road," she revealed. "To do more breathing in and just going with it. I'm learning that every day."

The president returned the compliment to his wife and revealed some lessons that he learned from her in the same Vogue issue.

"What Michelle has done is to remind me every day of the virtues of order," Obama told Vogue. "Being on time. Hanging up your clothes. Being intentional about planning time with your kids."