Michelle Wie, 'Apology Accepted' From Annika Sorenstam

Michelle Wie has accepted the apology of fellow golfer Annika Sorenstam for her comments in "Golf" magazine which challenged Wie's talent and future in the LPGA.

"She actually reached out to me last night, said a couple of things got misquoted," Wie explained. "I thought that was really nice of her to reach out to me. She apologized for what she said, and that's that. I didn't read it, so I don't know what she said."

Sorenstam seemed to slam Wie's ability to play the game during a question-and-answer with "Golf" and set off a frenzy with her comment that Wie was not as talented as everyone originally thought.

"What I see now is that the talent that we all thought would be there is not there," Sorenstam said. "I don't think it helped her career," she said when asked if playing in men's tournaments had helped or hurt Wie's ability to play. "I think we see some of it today. I think she jumped in way too deep, and I think it had some tough consequences for her."

Wie, 23, first entered the professional golf world when she was 16. She won two LPGA tours but has struggled ever since. Wie is unique in that she started out by competing against men before she finally joined the LPGA. Many expected her to continue to have a solid career filled with title wins, but that has not been the case. However, she still has plenty of time to grow and learn more of her ability.

"She has a long way to go, let's put it that way," Sorenstam said when asked if Wie could possibly become the best player in the world. "There was a time when the LPGA really needed her. I thought she had a lot to bring to the table. Now she's one out of many."

Sorenstam, however, is already in the elite category of being one of the top female golfers in the world. She won 72 LPGA tournaments, and over 90 international tournaments as a professional. Sorenstam retired in 2008 and has tried her hand at several businesses ever since.