Mick Jagger Slept With Thousands Of Women, Biographer Claims

A new biographer is claiming that famed rocker Mick Jagger has slept with over 4,000 women, as well as experimented with homosexuality.

Author Christopher Andersen spills these scandalous tidbits in his new book entitled Mick: The Wild and Mad Genius of Jagger.

"Mick Jagger has slept with 4,000 women over the course of his life, and in retrospect, I think that might be kind of a low figure," writes Andersen.

According to Chron.com, Andersen also wrote that some of Jagger's lady friends include such high profile celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Carla Bruni, Carly Simon and Farrah Fawcett.

Andersen additionally told "Extra" that Jagger also slept with David Bowie, although their supposed relationship has been deemed controversial, and Andersen explains that the pair were more of a "sexual tag team."

Jagger reportedly visited a sexual therapist for his chronic need to fornicate, but to no avail.

"[Ex-wife] Jerry Hall proclaimed after putting up with his infidelity for 23 years that he was a sex addict, and she asked him to get help. Keith [Richards] asked him to get help, and they were thrilled when he sought help from a sex therapist. Until he seduced the sex therapist," Andersen told "CBS This Morning" earlier this week.

Although Jagger is considered a rock legend, many are surprised by the latest news, including Meg Swertlow, who in an opinion piece for The Insider wrote:

"I've seen the man dance so I know Jagger has been given the gift of stamina and swagger, but somehow I'm still surprised at the plethora of partners he's had when you break it down."

Another rock star has previously hit the news for similar reasons; Gene Simmons, the bassist of glam rock band KISS, claims to have slept with 4,897 women.

Andersen has previously revealed equally scandalous biographies about such big names as Madonna, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, and Jacqueline Kennedy.