Mickey Gilley Club to Reopen in Pasadena, Where "Urban Cowboy" was Filmed (VIDEO)

Mickey Gilley has announced plans to revive the original Gilley's Club near Pasadena, Texas where "Urban Cowboy" was filmed.

Founded by Gilley in 1971, the club became a hot spot for numerous country artists during the 70's and 80's. Located in a huge building with steel roofs, the interior of the club featured multiple bars and mechanical bulls. A small rodeo space also allowed for bicycle and motorcycle races.

Sherwood Cryer, who had several other nightclubs, help to found the club and promote it into a world famous, honkey tonk spot. But during the 1990's, Gilley and Cryer had a dispute, which led to the closing of the club.

In 2003 the club was reopened in Dallas, but apparently Gilley never gave up on the original location. In recent weeks the former country singer has been promoting plans to re-open a new Gilley's club on Facebook, nearer to its original location. In a recent video message Gilley suggested that financing for the club would possibly be completed within the next six months.

"Everybody's inquiring about the Gilley's in Passedena, Texas," the 77-year-old says in a Facebook message posted on Monday. "Now let me tell you something. We're putting a plan together. It will be a business plan. It will be a floor plan. We've got everybody in the works, we've got the blessings of the city, hopefully we'll have this thing up and running as far as having the money to build it, within the next six months."

Also listing inquiry information for those wanting to invest on the Facebook page, Gilley appeared confident that his new club was feasible possibility.

"We're full steam ahead on this," Gilley announced.

Addressing the old feud, Gilley added that this time around things would be better.

"I think everybody's gonna have a great time. This time its going to be right," he said. "Who knows, I might even put a statue of my friend Sherwood Cryer up, he represented everything that Gilleys was always about."