Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Dating Rumors False, Claims Rep.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are now an item, according to recent celeb reports, however according to the "Black Swan" actress those rumors are completely false.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were seen strolling the streets on Sunday, shopping for furniture. According to X17, the couple then headed back to Kutcher's Hollywood home.

Ashton Kutcher's love life has been thrown into the spotlight since his split from Demi Moore, which plunged the 49-year-old actress into depression. Rumors have since spread that Kutcher is dating a number of different women from unknown blonde models to his best friend, Lorene Scafaria. Many of the rumors have been frequently denied.

Although Kutcher and Kunis were seen together, the former "That 70's Show" co-stars have insisted that they are just friends.

"No! They're so not dating," Kunis' rep told Us Weekly. "They've been friends for years."

Kutcher and Kunis recently finished filming a reunion episode for "That 70's Show" which could explain why the two have reconnected. Kunis' rep also added that the pair did not tour the city alone adding that "three other people" joined the couple for dinner Sunday night.

"Definitely nothing going on there," the rep confirmed.

The rumor began after X17 reported that the couple had been seen getting close.

"Ashton was touching Mila's hand, and Mila was all dressed up," X17 initially reported.

"They have been friends for years and met up for dinner with a group of friends," Kunis' rep told People Magazine.

In March Kutcher was linked romantically to Lorene Scafaria, who has been called a "Demi Moore look-a-like." While out and about, a source reported that the couple appeared to be affectionate with one another.

"They were affectionate. They held hands, and she rubbed his back and neck," the source told US Magazine.

Kutcher's spokesperson later insisted that the couple was also just good friends.