Miley Cyrus Need Prayers not Criticism Says Childhood Pastor After Revealing Hate Mail

Miley Cyrus' childhood pastor revealed that his church has received hate mail in the wake of the young entertainer's antics over the last few months, but still asks for people to pray for the young singer.

Pastor Dave Roberts of Montrose Church in La Crescenta, Calif., who is still close with Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, said that it is a lot easier to judge someone rather than talk and listen to them.

"We've gotten hate mail over the years, because that's how people are. My thought on that is it's easy to criticize until you've lived in the pressure of it," Roberts told Radar Online.

Roberts added that he tries with reason with the authors of those letters.

"I usually write them back to say, 'You're talking about a young girl, maybe your prayer and support would be more valuable than your critique… you can't imagine the pressure (she's under),'" he told Radar.

"I think most people can't imagine what it's like, they can't have any idea what that all looks like… They write to the church because they assume that anything she does and when she was younger anything on the show that they didn't like, they would write to me and say, 'You should have taught her better.' It's silly."

Still, Pastor Roberts understands that raising children is not an easy task and that no matter what may transpire unconditional love of their child rather than trying to command children's choices.

"I think as parents we would all like to choose for our children the things they do and don't do, but that's not our role," he explained. "We have to love our kids, sometimes in the midst of their journey and despite of their choices, which we care about because it can hurt them."