Miley Stuns Will Smith Family, Others Blame Lady Gaga (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus appears to have stunned a number of people with her MTV Video Music Award performance, but none more so than Will Smith and his family. A timeless photo captured of Smith and his kids shows the entire family looking up at the stage, mouth agape. But, was the family actually reacting to Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus put on a more than memorable performance Sunday night at the 2013 Video Music Awards. A fully bunny swimsuit including, the singer appeared on stage with dance moves that appeared to have the attention of everyone in the crowd. Particular attention has been paid to a picture of Will Smith and his family at the awards show.

In the photo, Will Smith and all three of his children can be seen staring forward at the stage with wide-open mouths. The photo of the family quickly surfaced on Twitter, prompting many to joke that they were all reacting to Cyrus' interpretive dance moves. The reaction however, actually occurred while Lady Gaga was on stage according to the Huffington Post. And apparently, everyone in the picture just happened to be caught at a bad moment.

"Jaden's confused look was just some intense concentration. Willow's open mouth was caused by her gum chewing. What looked like a gasp was actually just a nose scratch," the publication prompted.

Regardless of what prompted the photo however, most Internet users found it entertaining to laugh at.

The photo of the Smith family was not the only one to surface on the Internet however. A second photo, this one actually taken while Cyrus was on stage, reveals a not so impressed Rihanna and a perplexed Harry Styles of One Direction.

Cyrus was nominated for Best Song of the Summer, Best Female Video, Best Editing and Best Pop Video for her "We Can't Stop" single. She left before the award show was over.