Miley Wardrobe Malfunction? Singer Suffers Close Call, Talks About Latest Music Video

After making a surprise appearance for contestant winners of an iHeart radio contest in Miami, Miley Cyrus accidentally suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

With questions of whether or not Miley Cyrus will marry Liam Hemsworth in the air, the 20-year-old singer made a recent appearance in Miami wearing her engagement ring on her finger. While in Florida, the singer attended a party and visited with fans for a contest. During the visitation, Cyrus nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction but was saved by one of the contest winners. The singer later offered the fan her signature as thanks.

Cyrus later attended a party attended by DJ Calvin Harris in South Beach, Miami for Y100's Mack-a-Palooza at the Clevelander hotel. Last week the singer released a video for her latest video, "We Can't Stop." Speaking during a recent interview on "Good Morning America," Cyrus said the song showed a second side to her that was all about having "fun."

"Some funny things that have gone down in my life she said. So it's just been great to let people see that side of me and not just be the glammed-up, beauty shot girl, because that's not who I am. I'm just about having fun," she said.

Cyrus said she was speaking for her generation when she composed the lyrics.

"I feel like people need to know that we can't stop with everything going on in the world being the way that it is," she said. "I think people just need to hear something that's inspirational, but also it's just about having a good time. And I feel like everyone that's in my age group right now, that's all we're trying to do [is] ... have fun, and not stress out and not worry about being judged."