Millersville University Players Save Child Who Wasn't Breathing, Hailed as Heroes

Several members of the Millersville University baseball team are being heralded as heroes after they were able to come to the aid of a child in need.

The team was headed to the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference tournament and stopped at a gas station to pick up a late-night snack.

"They got out of the car and started yelling," Evan King, a senior second baseman, told CNHI News Service. "We were all confused and didn't know what was going on."

Megan Norman and her husband, Shane, were taking their 21-month-old son, Braydin, to the emergency room after he began suffering from a fever of 104.3, but on their way he became unresponsive and that is when they stopped for help.

"He was real stiff, taking a seizure," the boy's mother said. "He ended up vomiting and choking on it … His head was thrown back and his eyes were in the back of his head. He had gone limp and quit breathing."

When the baseball players heard the calls for help they immediately ran over to the frantic parents.

"We all ran towards them and we just assessed the situation," Tyler McDonald told CHNI News Service.

"I asked if anyone was CPR certified because our school offers a class for it. No one said anything, so I was like 'All right, I used to be CPR certified' so I kind took over – I wouldn't say took over, because we all helped, but I knew what I was doing."
After several moments into the resuscitation Zach Stone, who was holding Braydin's hand, felt pressure around his fingers and knew that the CPR was working.

"A minute after that he started being a lot more responsive," Stone said. "His eyes were opening up, he was looking back and forth and then he started squeezing my hand pretty hard, so we knew he was coming back."

Paramedics arrived soon after and took the boy to the hospital where he received additional treatment for his fever.