Sunday, October 21, 2012
Miss Howard Stern DUI Arrest, Claims Drugs Found Were 'Legal Medication'

Miss Howard Stern DUI Arrest, Claims Drugs Found Were 'Legal Medication'

Reigning "Miss Howard Stern," Andrea Ownbey, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly unknowingly crashing into a car while under the influence.

Ownbey allegedly rammed into the back of a jeep in Chattanooga, Tennessee "totaling" the car without any knowledge of doing so. The incident occurred on Oct. 8.

Cops arrived on the scene of the accident some time after 10 p.m., according to TMZ. Ownbey was found "fumbling" to put her cell phone back together and reports state that she was allegedly intoxicated. According to TMZ, Ownbey's alcohol blood level was at .178; the legal limit is .08.

Police also found a bag, a weed pipe, and a variety of prescription drugs, TMZ has claimed. Ownbey was arrested following a medical inspection. She was charged with "possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance and driving while in possession," according to TMZ.

The driver of the other car told the publication that Ownbey came "flying out of nowhere" and rear-ended him hard. He also claimed that his Jeep had been totaled in the wreck.

According to Ownbey's Facebook, she has served as an entertainment personality for Sirius Radio in Tennessee, since her win to become "Miss Howard Stern." Ownbey confirmed on Twitter that she has reported to court once so far, and all charges were dropped excepting the DUI.

 "I've been to court once already all charges dropped except dui i had nothing illegal it was my legal medication for my head," she wrote on her account.

Fans also showed support for Ownbey on Twitter.

"Hope you are doing well. Love you on the show," Emmer Effer tweeted.

"Glad you are okay Andrea and thankful that nobody got hurt. Please be well and please come back on the show soon," Braunyraur added.


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