Aruba Missing Woman Robyn Gardner: Family and Friends Speak Out

Some of the family and friends of Robyn Gardner, the 35-year-old Frederick, Md woman who went missing in Aruba this week, have begun speaking out about her on various television shows on Thursday.

“My gut feeling and instinct is that she is out there somewhere to be found,” said her brother Andrew Colson to ABC 7. He believes she is still alive and describes his sister as a “very loving, caring and kind person.”

Gary Giordano was with Gardner on the trip to Aruba and he told authorities that she disappeared during a snorkeling trip. He is currently being held by Aruban police in connection with the disappearance, and Gardner’s on and off again boyfriend Richard Forester doesn’t seem to believe his explanation.

He told “Today” that he doubted that Gardner would have gone snorkeling, stating that she wouldn’t be interested in participating in that type of underwater activity.

“She’s too concerned about her hair, her makeup,” said Forester to “Today.”

Forester also told them that she probably would have had “a couple of drinks” by the time they were supposed to have gone snorkeling which would disincline her from getting in the water.

He also stated that he didn’t know Gardner was traveling with Giordano and added that Gardner posted a message on his Facebook wall during the trip that said “this sucks.”

Forester said he didn’t know exactly what that meant but the posting was followed up by Gardner writing to him saying “I love you. I care about you. We’ll sort this out when I get back.”

Christina Jones, another friend of Gardner’s and part-time roommate spoke to the Associated Press about her.

“She’s a very trusting person,” said Jones. “She’s a hardworking, loyal, standup female who has never said anything bad about anyone.”

Jones also told the “Today Show” that Giordano was a “friend” and not a “boyfriend,” to Gardner and that the two of them had “a bit of a rollercoaster” relationship. “Good one day, not so great the next.”