Missing Florida Mom Michelle Parker's iPhone 4 Found

The latest break in the Michelle Parker missing person’s case is the discovery of her cell phone early Thursday morning.

The discovered phone is a black and pink iPhone 4, which may present some critical help in finding the missing mother.

Michelle Parker has been missing since Nov. 17, which is also the last time a signal was detected from her cell phone.

Authorities have called finding Parker’s cell phone a “top priority” since the day of her disappearance.

Parker’s sister, Lauren Erickson, has said that authorities haven’t disclosed any details about when, where, or how the phone was recovered.

Nov. 17 also happens to be the day Parker appeared on a recoded episode of “The People’s Court.”

She appeared on the episode in a dispute with her ex-fiance Dale Smith II over a lost $5,000 engagement ring.

Since Parker’s disappearance Smith has been the “primary suspect” in the investigation. So far, Smith has been the only suspect.

During taping of the court hearing, Parker said that the only problems she and Smith ever had were “alcohol related.”

Smith however denies any involvement in Parker’s disappearance.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Smith’s attorney, Mark NeJame, has said that Smith has no knowledge of Parker’s whereabouts and is not responsible for her disappearance.

Regardless of fault, the entire family has suffered a considerable amount of trauma.

The Florida Department of Children and Families removed the 3-year-old twins from Smith’s household the day after authorities named him the sole suspect in Parker’s disappearance.

The children were placed into protective custody and, as soon as the next day, were put back into Smith’s home by court order.

Parker’s mother ,Yvonne Stewart, told NBC at one point the children didn't even realize their mother was missing.

The rest of the family is all too familiar with the devastating news of Parker but still manages to sneak in some hope whenever they can.

“I’m sad her phone was out somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be,” Parker’s sister Lauren said to NBC.

“I’m hoping that maybe there’s a fingerprint that shouldn’t be on there,” she continued. “I hope it’s in a condition that they can retrieve something from it.”

Police, however, have not yet revealed any findings from Parker’s cell phone.