Christian Doctors Testify of Modern-Day Miracles

Christian doctors and medical professionals from around the world convened this week to listen to shocking stories about “spiritual healing” as an answer to sickness plaguing the world today.

More physicians today believe that medicine alone cannot deal with some of today’s worst illnesses, according to a statement issued by the World Christian Doctors Network, an interdenominational organization composed of medical professionals who believe in divine healing.

Dr. Sean Thomas George, a consultant physician in a West Australian hospital, told his amazing story at the 8th Annual International “Spirituality and Medicine” Conference being held this week at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Australia.

George told the crowd his story began after returning from a clinic session on the south coast of Australia with his intern when he felt minor chest pains and was "unusually hot."

"I decided to stop the car and as I got out, still feeling the discomfort, I called my wife, also a doctor, to let her know what was happening. She suggested that I drive straight home to Kalgoorlie."

George said he felt "divinely directed" to enter a clinic in Kambalda, where he used an electro-cardiogram to diagnose a heart attack and receive a few drugs they had there.

"The pain," he said, "was getting worse and 11 minutes after the ECG my heart completely stopped beating. Not only did I have a heart attack but I went into cardiac arrest," he said.

For the next 60 minutes, George continued, “a team of doctors and nurses used more than 4,000 chest compressions and gave me 13 electrical shocks.”

His heart and lungs did not respond.

After one hour and 10 minutes, George was pronounced dead. Ten minutes later, his wife arrived and was told to go in and say her last words.

George said his wife knew that medical science had proved that if the blood supply to the brain was cut off for over three minutes the brain would begin to die, and in 20 minutes the brain would be completely dead. But as she and her husband trusted Jesus Christ as Almighty God and Savior, she decided to humbly ask God to intervene, according to those who attended the conference.

"Holding my hand, she prayed, ‘Lord Jesus, he is only 39, I am only 38 and we have a 10-year-old boy. I need a miracle.' As soon as she said this it was as though someone had breathed life into me again and my heartbeat came back,” George told the crowd.

“I came back from the dead,” he told conference attendees.

Four hours later, George was flown to Royal Perth Hospital where doctors carried out an emergency procedure to clear a severely blocked artery on the right side of the heart.

"The doctor thought I would not survive, and even if I did, I would be completely brain dead on a ventilator. In Perth ICU, I had kidney and liver failure and was still in a deep coma," he said.

George said three days later, on Sunday, against all odds, “I opened my eyes.”

Then, two weeks later, he was discharged and returned to full-time work after three months of steady recovery.

"It has proved to me that Jesus really is Creator God and Sustainer of life and that He hears and responds to the humble prayers of His servants. I now also understand that eternity is only a breath away,” he said.

Testimonies by Christian doctors, who by virtue of their profession are more credible witnesses to patients as well as to their colleagues, is a main strategy and motivation behind “spiritual healing” and the World Christian Doctors Network.

Every year, doctors examine actual case studies of miracles presented by various respected doctors as they search for evidence of divine healing.

Physicians at the conference said many modern day miracles in medicine cannot be used as scientific evidence, since they do not have the means to scientifically prove they happened.

“We may be miraculously healed physically and mentally and have had a wonderful experience of the healing power of God, without any measurable or observable physical changes,” according to the WCDN.

“We have uncovered many testimonies of how the power of God has healed patients and when doctors hear this kind of news, they become curious,” said Dr. Joonha Hwang, a top South Korean doctor.

“They want to know if it’s true or just a story that someone has made up. So that is why we put on these ‘Spirituality and Medicine’ conferences each year and then present medical data before and after the patient got prayed for. As far as I know, we at WCDN are the only Christian medical organization that invites doctors to come and hear from other doctors and are then able to openly discuss the evidence of divine healing.”

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