Monica Lewinsky Planning Tell-All Memoir: Will It Damage Clintons' Reputation?

Monica Lewinsky has plans to write a tell-all memoir about her life, which could provide information about her affair with former President Bill Clinton and her time in the White House.

Lewinsky is, of course, infamous for her alleged affair with President Bill Clinton during his time in the White House. She was an intern at the time, which raised more eyebrows. Over time, Lewinsky told Linda Tripp about her affair; she confided in her as a co-worker but then Tripp began secretly recording the conversations and later turned them over to Kenneth Starr.

That triggered impeachment proceedings against President Clinton and dragged Lewinsky into the very public spotlight, which she did not want. She was forced to testify about the nature of her relationship with Clinton and, when asked about her friendship with Tripp, told the jury, "I hate Linda Tripp."

She has kept a relatively low profile since the affair and scandal broke. Lewinsky decided to become a businesswoman and actually moved to England, where she earned her Master's degree in social psychology. Now, though, it appears that she will be trying her hand at writing.

She has met with several big-name publishers, according to a report by The New York Post.

 "I'm sure every major publisher was interested in hearing what she had to say," the source revealed.

Yet no one will know what was said during the meetings thanks to a confidentiality agreement signed before each of the meetings. Lewinsky's representative is also keeping mum on the status of a new book.

"I cannot comment on anything at this point," he told The Post. Yet Lewinsky's book could be a bombshell dropped on the Clinton family right now. Secretary of State Hillary was the ridicule of many who thought she should leave her philandering husband. She has since earned the respect of the public for her time in elected and appointed offices.

President Clinton is enjoying a massive surge in popularity after his fiery speech at the Democratic National Convention. While a majority of the country has put his "scandal" behind him, Lewinsky's book could open old wounds and damage the reputation he has worked to rebuild.