'Monster Hunter Stories' News: 3DS Demo Now Available

Nintendo official website"Monster Hunter Stories" demo free for download

Developed by Marvelous, "Monster Hunter" has received a lot of attention and love since it was first released. Since it was loosely based on the anime with the same title, the gaming community enjoyed being able to see as they control it while at the same time have the pleasure of letting the story unfold in animated form. Recent reports reveal that the 3DS installment, "Monster Hunter Stories," has released a demo and fans are encouraged to set out and experience it for themselves.

According to reports, the demo is free for download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It gives fans a few hours worth of gameplay. Although it does not showcase even half of what to expect, the players have the added incentive of transferring whatever they save in the demo onto to the final release of "Monster Hunter Stories." The saved data can include all the monsters they have collected as well as all the items they have earned or purchased.

Further reports on "Monster Hunter Stories" reveal that it slightly veers away from the tradition that was introduced by the other titles in the series. This time, players will have the opportunity to collect and hatch monsters, which will be their greatest friends and allies as they go through the campaign. Furthermore, it will have turn-based battles as well as role-playing game mechanics. The monsters that are collected and taken care off will be something like a pet and companion, which is definitely different from the usual large-scale battles that players fight against them.

As one of the most-loved games in the community, there are a lot of expectations for "Monster Hunter Stories." It will be out on the Nintendo 3DS in the U.S. on Sept. 8. In the meantime, fans are encouraged to get a feel of what it has to offer through the free demo.