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'Monster Hunter: World' News: 'Mega Man' Collaboration Event Currently Live; 'Blue Bomber' Palico Armor Now Available

Special collaboration event will remain live until April 26

'Monster Hunter: World' News: 'Mega Man' Collaboration Event Currently Live; 'Blue Bomber' Palico Armor Now Available

A Palico wears the 'Blue Bomber' armor inside 'Monster Hunter: World' | Monster Hunter: World official website

Previous collaboration events have already brought some interesting pieces of equipment to "Monster Hunter: World," and there's a new one that players may want to take part in.

This newest crossover event brings together two of Capcom's more beloved franchises.

With the "Mega Man" collaboration event currently live in the game, players now have the chance to get their hands on a new armor set. Because this is an event featuring the popular platformer clad in blue, it should come as no surprise that the armor set being offered as a reward is based on him.

To be clear, the new "Blue Bomber" armor set is not something the created character can wear, but it can make the player's Palico appear capable of blasting enemies away. The pixelated design only serves to emphasize the old-school goodness of the armor set, and it can look great on any Palico in the game.

In addition to the armor set, players will also find that unique background music tracks will play depending on which weapon type the created character is currently using.

"Monster Hunter: World" players interested in obtaining the "Blue Bomber" Palico armor set as well as the new background music tracks will have to take on the special event quest known as "A Rush of Blood."

Players who want to take on the event quest will need to have a Hunter Rank of at least 13. The quest takes place inside the Arena, and it requires players to defeat two Odogaron.

Players still have plenty of time to complete this event quest, as it will remain live inside the game until April 26.

Later this month, players can expect another collaboration event to go live, with that one set to feature the "Devil May Cry" series.

Aside from the collaboration events, players will also not want to miss out on the special items being offered for the still ongoing Spring Blossom Fest.

While this seasonal event is live inside the game, players can attempt to complete special event quests and bounties in order to receive materials that can then be used to craft pieces of equipment inspired by the festival. The Feverish Dance gesture also remains available for players to purchase.

There are also login bonuses also waiting to be claimed while this particular seasonal event remains live inside the game.

Lastly, the facilities around the Astera are also offering great deals at the moment, so players who have resources on hand may want to take advantage of the discounted prices. Notably, sales are also going to take place other times in the year, so players will want to check in regularly to make sure that they do not miss out on any great offers.

There's not a lot of time left in the festival, but players can still check out the things mentioned above until April 19.

In all likelihood, players can expect major events to go live during the other seasons.

More news about "Monster Hunter: World" should be made available in the near future.


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