MTV EMA 2011: Selena Gomez is Becoming a Bad Girl for One Night

Selena Gomez is ditching her normal good girl image and going "gangster" for her MTV EMA award hosting gig.

Gomez is seen in the video sitting at her vanity looking normal, then an alter ego Gomez, wearing a bandana and a one button top revealing her midriff, starts rapping against her normal self counterpart.

The "good" girl Gomez is looking in the mirror when she exclaims her excitement in hosting the show through song, when her reflection, "bad" girl, looks back and starts rapping lines against her.

The new badder Gomez starts spewing out bleeped out curses talking about her hard hustler lifestyle.

The whole thing is a joke promotional for the show and a disclaimer is shown before the clip, "Some of the Selenas in this video are fictional. Any similarities to the actual Selena are purely coincidental."

The MTV EMA's will premiere on Tr3: MTV, Musica y Mas on Nov. 6 at 6 p.m. ET, and will air again on Nov. 7 on mtvU at noon.

Recently Gomez has fallen victim to a crazed stalker who has made death threats towards the star.

According to court documents, the singer has taken out a restraining order against 46-year-old Thomas Brodnicki, a man with a criminal history of stalking.

This all stems from Brodnicki telling his shrink he was going to kill Gomez. He told his shrink he traveled from Chicago to L.A. to meet her, and visited her at work at least three times according to statements made by Gomez's lawyer Blair Berk.

Gomez said she is extremely scared, believing if he isn't stopped he'll kill her.

The stalker reportedly has told people he has had "talks with God" about killing Gomez.

The threats were made against Gomez after he had his mental evaluation. Brodnicki allegedly threatened to "scratch people's eyes out on the street" during this same evaluation according to TMZ.

The threats are being taken seriously because of the stalker's history of mental illness and making criminal threats the LAPD detectives said in a statement.