N.J. Girls Murder Video: 12-Year-Olds Create Video Threatening to Kill Classmates (VIDEO)

Two N.J. girls who created a "murder video" could face criminal charges after their video went viral online. The two 12-year-olds created a video in which they listed numerous fellow classmates as well as teachers who they wanted to murder.

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(Photo: CBS Screen Shot)Two N.J. girls have created a so-called "murder video" in which they list numerous classmates they wanted to kill. The girls have since been suspended as an investigation into their threats is conducted.

The video shows one of the girls, with the other holding the camera, and together they identify various people they want to kill.

One of the girls says in the video: "Wouldn't you guys think I'd be the best assassin ever."

In another part of the video the girl says, "Stab him continuously in this area," as she describes how she wants to kill one victim.

The video goes on like this for more than 20 minutes, with the two girls laughing through much of it, oblivious to the seriousness of their threats.

However, the video has since gone viral, and some of the parents of the children named as potential victims by the two girls are urging serious action be taken against them.

"My daughter, she woke up about four times last night, to lock the doors. She woke up with nightmares," said parent Angelica Marrero, whose daughter was identified as a victim by the two girls, according to CBS.

Another student has reported that the day before the video was created one of the same girls had read a note out aloud in class saying who she wanted to kill.

That student's mother explained: "My daughter had called me crying hysterically around 11:30, telling me 'mommy, this girl just told me that she's gonna kill me'."

A police investigation has now begun, and the two girls have been suspended pending the results. Some parents have been told that the two girls were receiving a medical evaluation, although police have not confirmed this.

Some of the parents have urged authorities ensure the two girls get help to make sure they do not become a real threat to anyone.

The video has since been deleted from video sharing website, YouTube.

Here is a video news report into the incident: