NBA 2K14 MyCareer Patch Makes Save Crashes Worse, 2K Pinpoints Issues as They Work to Resolve It

NBA 2K14 just released a new patch update for the Xbox One, and so far it has been nothing but trouble as users have complained of frequent crashes and problems, especially in MyCareer Mode.

During the MyCareer Mode players had to save offline because the network servers were down. Once a gamer tried to make this offline safe, the game's began crashing during a cutscene.

According to Kotaku, 2K Sports said they were aware of the issue concerning all of the problems and are working to fix it.

The patch came out on Tuesday, and was 2GB of updates. It was supposed to fix MyCareer, but seems to have made the problems worse.

Recently, Xbox One owners who like to swear when playing video games, have realized 2K14's unique language filter during the game. Using the Kinect voice sensor, players who curses while playing 2K14 were awarded a technical by the referee's.

A 2K14 user posted this video (warning adult language) to his YouTube account to show the technical foul he received during the game for cursing. Already frustrated with the way he was playing, the technical foul magnified his anger.

Players of FIFA 14 have noticed similar warnings within the games. According to Deadspin, one user got sent a letter from his "football club" in the game that scolded him for his "aggressive behavior" and told him his swearing was putting the club in a "bad light." See the letter here.

NBA 2K14 was released on Oct. 1 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It arrived for the PS4 on Nov. 15 and the Xbox One on Nov. 22.