NBA Lockout: Lebron James, Steve Nash Lead Strong Reaction

Derek Fisher, president of the NBA players union, has organized a twitter campaign that players can use to rally together during the league lockout of players.

In a letter to NBA players, Fisher explained his idea to begin a social networking campaign that would stand against the NBA lockout.

“Chris Paul and I will also be utilizing our personal social networking channels to show the fans and you all, that we are united and want to get back to work under a fair deal,” Fisher wrote to players, in a letter obtained by “Chris and I will tweet and post LET US PLAY."

Fisher urged others to join in the movement, one day before NBA commissioner David Stern officially announced the cancellation of 2 weeks worth of regular season games.

“This was used by the NFL players and many will be joining us on Monday and retweeting the same message to show their support for our players. I will also be using the hash tag #StandUnited after all my messages until this lockout is over,” Fisher said. “We invite you each to do the same. To show our unity and to remind the fans that this is not our choice and we would like to go back to work and play the game they love to support.”

After an announcement was made about the cancellation of regular season games due to failed collective bargaining agreement negotiations, NBA players like Chris Paul and Lebron James showed their support for the movement.

James expressed regret to fans through his Twitter account.

“I want to sincerely say sorry to all the fans,” James tweeted. “It's a sad day for all of us, especially you guys! There's no us without you."

Phoenix Suns’ PG Steve Nash also apologized to his fans, while trying to explain that players wanted to return to their jobs.

"Thanks for the overwhelming support today guys. You know we want to play and you understand the propaganda/misinformation from the owners,” Nash tweeted. “Genuinely sorry to all the employees in and around NBA arenas losing work."