NBA Regular Season to be Canceled?

Nobody knew what would happen to the NBA regular season on Monday, after differences concerning a new collective bargaining agreement still existed between owners and players.

Monday marked a new deadline for the league, when the first two weeks of the regular season schedule came into danger. David Stern, NBA Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver met with Derek Fisher, NBA Players' Association president on Sunday night in an attempt to solve some resounding issues.

After close to six hours, Fisher said all parties involved would have to come together again on the following day to try and reach an agreement.

"We're not necessarily any closer than we were going in tonight, but we'll be back at it tomorrow and we'll keep putting time in," Fisher said, according to CBS Sports.

Although none of the parties involved in Sunday night’s negotiations gave specific information about the meeting, Stern admitted that they had to reschedule another one in Los Angeles due to ongoing issues.

“Instead of going forward with that meeting, we're going to put it off and then we'll reschedule it accordingly depending on what happens tomorrow and into the week if we continue to meet," Fisher said, according to CBS Sports.

The biggest issue taking place is the Basketball Related Income split between the league and the players. Although the league has agreed on a 50-50 split with the players, according to, the players will not accept less than 53 percent.

The previous CBA gave the players 57 percent.

NBA fans have not been happy about the lockout that has taken place for eight months and threatened their sport.

"The NBA lockout (is) killing me," one person tweeted.

Another pleaded for an end to the negotiations tweeting, "Please end the NBA lockout!"

Monday marked the last chance the league and players could conclude negotiations and give fans a regular season. Fisher said he knew the magnitude of the deadline.

“We are aware of the calendar," Fisher said before a negotiations meeting last week. "We know our backs are against the wall in terms of regular season games and what those consequences will be."